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   Marine Aquarium and Reef Fish    
Sharks and Rays
Fish of North America
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Freshwater Aquarium Fish

*Freshwater Tropical Fishes [10] [39]
*Freshwater Aquarium Fish
    Compatibility Guide
*Exotic Aquarium Fishes [81]
*Major Ornamental Fishes of Malaysia [20]
Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishs [1] [5]
Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes (?) [5]
*Fresh Water Fishes I [129]
*Fresh Water Fishes II
*Aquarium Fish 1 [2]
*Aquarium Fish 2 [2]
*Aquarium Fish 3 [2]
*Pondfish [2]

*Arowana [1]
*Arowanas - Osteoglossidae [3]
Arowana [79]
Arowana [142]

*Catfishes I - Loricariidae [3]
*Catfishes II - Callichthyidae [3]
*Sucker Catfish I [79]
*Sucker Catfish II [79]
*Harnischwelse [99]
*Corydoras I [79]
*Corydoras II [79]
*Corydoras - Panzerwelse [99]
*Corydoras [4]
*Loricariidae L-Numbers I [4]
*Loricariidae L-Numbers II [4]
*The Most Beautiful L-Numbers [30]

*Lake Malawi Cichlids [16]
Cichlids V - Lake Malawi [3]
*Common Mbuna of M'nyela mphipe [64]
*Malawiseecichliden [99]
*Marmalade Cats of Lake Malawi [29]
Mandalawi World [106]
*Aulonocara Peacocks from Lake Malawi [29]
*Freshwater Coral Fish - Malawi Cichlids [30]
*Lake Tanganyika Cichlids [16]
*Cichlids III - Lake Tanganyika [3]
*Featherfins of Lake Tanganyika [29]
*Tanganjikaseecichliden [99]
*Tropheus Species from Lake Tanganyika [29]
*Cichlidae IV - Lake Victoria [3]
*African Cichlids [81]
Cichlids VI - African Dwarf [3]
The Dwarf Cichlid of West Africa I [142]
The Dwarf Cichlid of West Africa II [142]
*Dwarf Cichlid [79]
*Cichlids of Madagascar [66] [29]
*Cichlids II - Central America [3]
*Cichlids I - South America [3]
Cichlids III (American Cichlids)
*Southamerican Cichlids I/I Pike-Cichlids [4]
*Southamerican Cichlids I/II Eartheaters [4]
Crenicichla Group I [142]
*Southamerican Cichlids Apistogramma [4]
*Southamerican Cichlids Dwarf-Cichlids [4]
The Dwarf Cichlid of South America [142]
Cichlids VII - Apistogramma - South America [3]
*Cichlid [1]
*Cichliden der Welt [99]
Rajah Cichlid - Asian Flower Horn [5]
The Miracle of Lo-Han [142]
Rajah Cichlid?

*Discus Popularity in Taiwan 95/96 [31]
*Penang Discus [31]
*Discus I - Wild Forms [3]
*Discus II - Cultivated Forms [3]
Discus III - Natural Red Forms [3]
*Discus IV - Hybrid & Unclassifiable [3]
*Discus I [99]
*Diskus III [99]
*Diskus (a.k.a. Diskus IV) [99]
Singapore Discus
Discus (Symphysodon sp)
*Discus [123]
Discus [105]
*Discus Fishes [81]
*Majestic Discus [30]
Discus - B [30]
Discus [1]
*Sze Sun Breeder Discus
Discus Popularity in Taiwan 94 [5]

*Goldfische [99]
*Goldfish [79]
*Goldfish I - Cultivated Forms [3]
China Goldfishes [5]
Chinese Goldfish I [142]
Chinese Goldfish II [142]
Gold Fish [1]

*Guppy [1]
*Guppy I [79]
*Guppy II [79]

*Koi ID Poster [33]
Koi - Blackwater Creek
*Koi [79]
*Koi - Cultivated Forms [3]
*Koi [16]
*Nishikigoi [99]
KOI - Die wichtigsten Varietäten [126]
Koi [1]
*Koi 1 [2]
*Koi 2 [2]
*Fascinating Koi [30]

*Tetra I [79]
*Tetra II [79]
*South-American Tetras [81]
*Characoids I - South America [3]

Australian Native Aquarium Fishes: [13]
 *Blue-eyes and Glassperches
 *Trifasciata Rainbowfish Forms
 *Splendida Group Rainbowfishes
 *Smaller Rainbowfishes & Hardiheads

*Rainbowfishes I (Indonesia) [3]
*Breathtaking Rainbows [30]

Henry Yin's Betta Splendens Collection [134]
Betta splendens - Siamese Fighting Fish [5]
Siamese Fighting Fish [5]
*Bettas [123]
*Kampffische [99]
Halfmoon I (Siamese Fighting Fish)
*Labyrinthfische [99]
*Anabantoids (Labyrinther) [30]
*Skalare [99]
*Piranhas - Serrasalmidae [3]
*Killifische [99]

Marine Aquarium and Reef Fish

*Anemonefishes and Anemones [16]
Anemonefish (Clownfish)
*Butterflyfishes [16]
*Marine Angelfishes [16]
*Angel Fishes [81]
*Mini-Reef Fishes [16]
*Predatory Reef Fishes [16]
*Wrasses [16]
Tropical Fish [157]
*Marine Fishes I [1]
*Korallenfische [99]
Marine Fishes & Animals [5]
*Tropical Saltwater Fish [39] [41]
Poissons d'Aquarium [113]
*Angelfish of the Caribbean [7] [12]
*Caribbean Reef Fish Coloring Poster [15]
Bermuda Underwater Paradise [5]
*Florida Keys Reef Fishes [7]
*Reef Fishes of the Florida Keys
   National Marine Sanctuary
*Reef Fishes of the Flower Gardens and
   Stetson Bank National Marine Sanctuary
*Johnston Atoll NWR [122]
*Hawaiian Reef Fish [5]
*Hawaiian Reef Fishes

*The ICHTHOS Southern Africa
   Reef Poster
*Butterflyfishes of southern Africa [63]
*Fantasy in Taiwan [81]
*Common Tropical Aquarium Fishes of
    the Philippines
*Marine Aquarium Fishes of Taiwan
*Reef Fishes of Sri Lanka [5]
South Arabian Reef Fishes [5]
*Fishes of the Great Barrier Reef & Indo-Pacific [139]
*Great Barrier Reef
    Find 51 Hidden Creatures
*Indo-Pacific Reef Fish Coloring Poster [15]
*Reef Fishes of Malaysia [19]
Food Fishes Associated With Coral Reefs
   In Papua New Guinea

Sharks and Rays

Haie der Tiefsee [101] [169]
Sharks of the World - 1 Inshore Coastal Waters [169]
Sharks of the World - 2 Offshore Reefs [169]
*Sharks [7] [10] [39]
*Sharks Hajer Haie Requins [11]
*Rekiny i P³aszczki (Shark and Skate) [18]
*The World's Most Dangerous Sharks [12]
*Sharks - The Silver Warriors [69]
*Sharks and Rays Coloring Poster [15]
Shark Identification Chart
*Sharks [41]
Shark - King of the Ocean
Fossil Shark Teeth [104]
Fossil Sharks & Rays - Tooth Identification
Sharks of the Oceans [103]
Stingrays [30]

*Sharks of North American Waters [12]
Sharks of Texas [163]
*Sharks of Hawaii [61]
*Sharks and Rays of the Philippines [98]
Requins de Polynésie
*Requins Communs de Nouvelle-Calédonie [90]
*Sharks and Rays of Southern Africa [63]
*Sharks of Oregon [26]
*Fish of Penghu - Sharks [84]
*Fish of Penghu - Skates and Rays [84]
Tubarões no Brasil
Tubarões do Brasil - Versão 1 [156]
Tubarões do Brasil - Versão 2 [156]
*Sharks & Rays of Tasmania [119]
*Sharks of Australia [14]
*Sharks of Australian Waters [14]
*Australian Sharks
Common Large Sharks of
   Queensland Waters [42]
    *1. Oceanic Sharks
    *2. Continental Shelf and Ocean Beach
    *4. Nearshore and Estuarine
    *5. Most Habitats

Fish of North America

*America's Nongame Fishes
   Swimming in Troubled Waters
North American Fish [11]
    older edition
*Pacific Salmon of North America [49]
Pacific Northwest Spawning Salmon [153]
*Salmon & Trout [11]
*Trout, Salmon and Char of
   North America - Males
*Trout, Salmon and Char of
   North America - Females
*Trout Salmon and Char [10] [39]
*Threatened & Endangered Trout & Salmon
   of North America
[76] [25]
Trout of North America (Tomelleri) [25] [173]
Trout of North America (Prosek) [173]
*Trout by Maynard Reece [9]
*Salmon by Maynard Reece [9]
*Sport Fishes by Maynard Reece [9]
*Freshwater Bass of North America [12]
*Bass and Other Sunfish by Maynard Reece [9]
Conserving Aquatic Resources - America's Sport Fishes
*Warmwater Gamefish of North America [12] [25]
Warmwater Game Fish Identification Chart [12]
*Schmidt's Beer World's Greatest [25] [36]
Old Milwaukee World Class [25]
Old Milwaukee
Perfection Beer Angler's Guide (1946)
Miller High Life, 2-sided poster:
    Freshwater Game Fish
    Saltwater Game Fish
Game Fish Cyclopedia Seagrams 1947
*Forest fires catch fish too.
Fishing Can be Fun [5]
Fresh Water Game Fish of the United States [5]
*Favorite Fresh and Salt Water Game Fish
River Fish (?)

Fishing Tackle:
*DuPont Fishing Lines
*Daiwa Performance
Know the difference in fish ... [5]
America's Favorite Fresh Water Game Fish [5]
Fish Decoys of North America [88]
If Weber makes it ... a fish takes it [5]
Weber Lifelike Fly Rod Lures
Catch 'em all with Lazy Ike [5]

Wasco Taxidermy Reference [5]

*Marine Fishes of the California Current [46]
*Pacific Ocean Game Fish Coloring Poster [15]
*Fishes of the Pacific Coast [68]
*Marine Fishes of the North Pacific [46]
*Save Our Schools! [71]
*Western Gamefish Identification Chart [12]
*Native Fish of the Upper Mississippi River [56] [9]
*Great Lakes Fishes [24] [25]
*Great Lakes Fish [24]
*Blatz Beer Fishes of the Great Lakes [36]
*Great Lakes Sportsmen's Gamefish [12]
*Fishes of the Great Lakes [46]
Trout and Salmon of the Great Lakes [74]
*Anadromous Fish of the Northeast [28]
*Eastern Gamefish Identification Chart [12]
*Marine Fishes of the North Atlantic [46]
Fishes of the Mid-Atlantic Coast and Chesapeake Bay [147]
Fishes of the Southeast Atlantic Coast [147]
*Marine Fishes of the Gulf and
   South Atlantic
Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico [147]
*South Atlantic Snapper-
   Grouper Complex
[52] [27]
*Groupers from Florida &
   Caribbean Waters
*Gamefish of the Saltwater Flats and
[7] [12]

Fish of USA - by State

*Fishes of Alabama [47]
Alabama Coastal Fishes [163]

*Alaska's Ocean Bounty [23]
    *(japanese) [23]
*How does your taste run in Alaska Salmon? [112]
*Game Fishes of Alaska [5]
*Pacific Salmon Lifecycle

*Native Fish of Arizona
*Sport Fish of Arizona
Native Fish of Arizona - A Vanishing Legacy

*Arkansas Gamefish [25]
Trout of Arkansas [5]
*Arkansas Sportfish

*Inland Trout and Salmon of California
California Rockfishes and Associated Species [154]
*Fishes of the Kelp Forest [78]
*The Salmonids [102]
*The Grand Canyon of Monterey Bay

*Colorado Sport Fish [25]
*Fish of Colorado


Salt Water Fishes
Fresh Water Fishes

*Florida's Freshwater Fishes [27]
Trout and Drum
*The Jacks
*Bait Fishes [121]
*Florida Seafood
*Florida Seafood 2 [62]

Marine Fishes of Georgia [177]
*Georgia Marine Fishes [27]
*Common Fishes of Gray's Reef [21]

*Hawaii Seafood [77]
Actual Reproductive Size L50 [166]
*Bottom Fishes of Hawaii [61]
*Nearshore Marine Fishes of Hawaii [61]
*Pelagic Fishes of Hawaii [61]
*Native Stream Animals of Hawaii [61]

*Rare Native Fishes of Idaho

*Common Fishes of Illinois
Fishes of the Kickapoo Creek Basin [175]



Kansas Fish & State Records

Kentucky Fish [151]
*Small Stream Ecosystem
*Big River Ecosystem

*Common Freshwater Fish of Louisiana [27]
*Common Saltwater Fish of Louisiana [27]
*Common Offshore Fish of Louisiana [27]
Fishes of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin
The Fish of New Orleans

*Maine's Coldwater Game Fish
*Maine's Warmwater Fish


*Salmonids of Massachusetts
*Panfish of Massachusetts

*Michigan Fishes
The Sport Fish of Michigan - Miller Beer
Budweiser Michigan Fishing Guide - 1984

Fishes of Minnesota

*Freshwater Fishes Common to Mississippi [25]
*Saltwater Fish Common to Mississippi
*Saltwater Fish Common to Mississippi

*Missouri Fishes

Montana Fish Species of Special Concern [25]
Fish Montana 1
Fish Montana 2
Fish Montana 3
Fish Montana 4
Fish Montana 5
*Native MTns Species of Special Concern

*Nebraska Fish
*Fish of Nebraska's Missouri River
*Fish of Nebraska's Lakes
Major Game Fish of Nebraska (1987) [5]


New Hampshire:

New Jersey:
*Marine Fish & Shellfish - New Jersey
*New Jersey's "Strange & Ugly" Fishes [162]
*Catch the Taste of Jersey Fresh Seafood

New Mexico:

New York:
Long Island Bays [165]
Great Lakes [165]
Discover our Fish - Hudson River Estuary [146]
I love NY Fish [5]
The Sport Fish of New York

North Carolina:
*The Mountain Fishes of North Carolina [37]
*North Carolina Freshwater Fishes [37]
Fishes of the Outer Banks of North Carolina [147]
*North Carolina Marine Fishes [37]
*North Carolina Seafood Availability

North Dakota:
*Fishes of the Dakotas [25]

*Sport Fishes of Ohio

Salt Plains' Fish [167]
*Sport Fish of Oklahoma [35] [27]

*Oregon Rockfish by PFMC Rockfish Management Categories [6]
*Tillamook Bay Salmonidae -
    Anadromous 5

*Goose Lake Fishes [72]
    (back of poster)

Common Fishes of Pennsylvania #1
Common Fishes of Pennsylvania #2 [5]
Fishes of Pennsylvania
*The Sport Fish of Pennsylvania - Miller Beer
*Coldwater Game Fishes of Pennsylvania
*Forage Fishes of Pennsylvania
*Migratory Fishes of Pennsylvania
*Miscellaneous Fishes of Pennsylvania
*Panfishes of Pennsylvania
*Coolwater/Warmwater Game Fishes of Pennsylvania

Rhode Island:
*Fish of Narragansett Bay [22]
*Common Saltwater Fish of Rhode Island [48]
*Common Freshwater Fish of Rhode Island [48]

South Carolina:
*South Carolina Saltwater Fishes [128]
*South Carolina Freshwater Fishes [128]
*South Carolina Marine Fishes
*South Carolina Freshwater Fishes

*Tennessee Valley Treasures

*Common Sportfishes of the Texas Coast [92]
*Selected Freshwater Fishes of Texas [92]
Texas Coastal Fishes [163]
Busch Beer - Fish of Texas [5]
Keystone Beer - Texas Game Fish Records [5]
*Lone Star Beer Texas Fresh Water Fish Series
Lone Star Beer Texas Fresh Water Fish Series [5]
Lone Star Beer Fresh Water Series [5]
Lone Star Beer Salt Water Series
   Record Catches (1984)

Utah: [25]
*Trout Char & Grayling
*Utah Native Sport Fish
*Warm Water Predators
*Prized Panfish
Sport Fishes of Utah


*Common Fish of Virginia [91]
*Common Saltwater Sportfish of Virginia [91] [27]
Fishes of Lake Moomaw [75] [27]

*Sportfish of Washington [70]
Anadromous Food Fish of Washington [5]

West Virginia:

*the fish of Wisconsin [130]
*Fish Wisconsin [144]

*Salmonids [17]
*Wyoming's Most Popular Cool &
   Warm Water Game Fishes
*Field Guide to the Fishes of Fossil Lake [89]
Fossils of the Green River Formation [104]

Fish of Canada

*Pacific Canadian Species [32]
*Fishes of the North Pacific Coast
*Nearshore Rockfishes of BC [32]
Pacific Salmon
    Information Bulletin No. 4 (BC)
*Freshwater Sport Fish Of British Columbia
Sport Fish of the Campbell River
*Freshwater Canadian Species [32]
*Recreational Fish of Canada
*Cold-water Sportfishes (Alberta)
*Saskatchewan [95]
*Manitoba's Fish Depend on Healthy Habitat
*Poissons des Grands Lacs [32]
*Fish of Ontario
*Les Poissons de l'Ontario [108]
*Ontario's Warm Water Gamefish [73] [74]
*Ontario's Cold Water Gamefish [73] [74]
Fish of the Thames [168]
*Sport Fish of the Kawarthas [131]
*Quinte Conservation Watershed [158]
*Cold Comfort (Ontario) [108]
The Living Coast (Ontario) [108]
*Urban Fisheries of the Toronto Region
      front           back
*Fishes of the Estuary and the Northern Gulf of St. Lawrence [161]
*Freshwater Sportfish of Nova Scotia
*Atlantic Canadian Species [32]
*Trout in Atlantic Canada [55]
*Think (Pensons) Habitat [32]

Fish of Taiwan

*The Beauty of Dancing Fish [86]
*Freshwater Fish of Taiwan [86]
*Pufferfish Poison Profiles [83]

*The Seabream, Snapper & Grunt of Taiwan
*The Ocean Pelagic Fishes
*Coastal Pelagic Fishes of Taiwan
*The Soft Bottom Benthic Fishes of Taiwan
*The Reef Fishes of Taiwan
*The Freshwater (Aquaculture) Fishes of Taiwan
*The Continental Shelf Fishes of China

Heineken - Good Beer, Good Food, Good Friends [5]
The Coastal Fishes of Northeast Coast
   National Scenic Area

Common Fish and Shellfish Seen in Taiwan:
    Freshwater Fishes [5]
    Seawater Fishes
    Poisonous Fish and Shellfish

Fish of Penghu [84]
   *Serranidae (I)
   *Serranidae (II)
   *Lutjanidae (I)
   *Lutjanidae (II) and Nemipteridae
   *Aridae and Lethrinidae
   *Sciaenidae and Mullidae
   *Labridae (I)
   *Labridae (II)
   *Labridae (III)
   *Beryciformes and Syngnathiformes
   *Scorpaeniformes (I)
   *Serranidae (III) and Haemulidae
   *Priacanthidae and Apogonidae
   *Carangidae (I)
   *Carangidae (II) and Leiognathidae
   *Pomacanthidae and Pomacentridae
   *Siganidae and Acanthuridae
   *Tetraodontiformes (I)
   *Tetraodontiformes (II)
   *Anguilliformes (II) and others
   *Clupeiformes and others
   *Gadiformes and others
   *Sorpaeniformes (II) and others
   *Other Percoidei (I)
   *Other Percoidei (II)
   *Trachinoidei and others
   *Blennioidei and others
   *Stromateoidei and others

Fish of Australia

*Fish of Australia [14]
*Australian Seafood - Fin Fish [138]
Fish of Australia - South Eastern Region [138]
*Seafishes of Tasmania [119]
*Marine Fish of Southern Australia [14]
*Common Victorian Seafood [14]
*Australian Seafood Fin Fish - Teleosts [43]
*Queensland Seafood [57]
Queensland Seafood [5]
Coral Trout of the Great Barrier Reef [138]
*Get to Know Marine Protected Fish [43]
*Some Common Fish of the
   Northern Territory
*A Taste of Northern Territory Seafood [45]
*Seahorses & Seadragons [14]
Underwater Life - Port Phillip Bay [5]
*Extraordinary Fishes of
      Tropical Coral Reefs
*Fishes of the Oceans and Reefs [138]
*An ABC of Cool Water Wonders [14]
*Seashores of Australia [14]
Fishes of Australia - Commercially Important Tropical Species [141]
Fishes of Australia - Commercially Important Temperate Species [141]

*Australian Freshwater Fish [14]
*Freshwater Fishes (South Australian Gulf) [40]
*Queensland's Freshwater Sportfish
*Queensland's Freshwater Fish - 1 [42]
*Queensland's Freshwater Fish - 2 [42]
*Native Fish of the Murray-Darling Basin [14]
Freshwater Fish of Victoria:
    Threatened Native Species [5]
    Introduced Species 1 [5]
    Introduced Species 2 [5]

Fish of the World

*Famous Fishes in FishBase [114]
*Creatures of the Deep [67]
*Fische der Tiefsee [101]
Deep Sea Creatures [7] [12]
Creeps from the Deep [63]
The Pelagic Realm: Life in the Open Ocean [7]
Inedible Fish of the Atlantic [171]
*Finding Nemo
Fantastic Fish [157]
*Periodic Table of the Fishes [58]
*Evolution of the Fishes [135]
*Drawn from the Sea:
  Art in the Service of Ichthyology
A Seafood Lover's Guide To Sustainable Fish Choices [12]
Salmons - Lachsfische - Ryby Łososiowate - Рыба лососевые [18]
Europäische Salmoniden [94]
*Billfish of the World [7] [12]
*Game Fish [11]
*Tuna of the World [7] [12]
The Tunas - Fish without a Country [5]
*Tunas & Mackerels [11]
Sturgeons [18]
*Arctic Fish & Shellfish [11]
*Ryby Polarne (Polar Fish) [18]
*Sea Fish [11]
    older edition
*Ryby Atlantyckie (Atlantic Fish) [18]
*Europäische Meeresfische [101]
*Mediterranean Fish [11]
Ryby Sródziemnomorskie (Medit. Fish) [18]
*Pesci di Mare [10] [39]
*Ryby Pacyfiku (Pacific Fish) [18]
*Temperate Aquaculture [11]
Tropical Aquaculture [11]
Asiatic Fish [18]
African Fish [18]
*Indo-Pacific Temperate Fish [11]
*Ryby Oceanu Indyjskiego [18]
*Indo-Pacific Tropical Fish [11]
*Commercial sea fishes of South East Asia
Economic Seafishes of the South East Asia [170]
*Fish & Shellfish [11]
*South American Fish & Shellfish [11]
*Fish of the Southern Seas [11]
Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa [169]
    1. Inshore
    2. Offshore
    3. Coral & Rocky Reefs
Freshwater Fishes of Southern Africa [169]
    1. The Larger Fishes
    2. The Smaller Fishes
*Ecolmar Gmbh Seafood
*Fish of the Arabian Gulf [11]
Meeresfische (Saltwater Fish) [155]
Freshwater Fish [11]
    *older edition
*Ryby S³odkowodne I [18]
*Ryby S³odkowodne II [18]
*Europäische Süsswasserfische [101]
*Freshwater Fish [10] [39]
What is a Fish?
fish [127]
*Year of the Ocean 98 [59]
The Sea's Vanishing Bounty [136]
*Cultured Fish of Southeast Asia [120]

Fish of the World - By Country

Recursos Pesqueros del Mar Argentino [5]

Mitteleuropäische Süßwasserfische [5]

Peixes dos Açores [140]
Peixes Comerciais dos Açores [5]

*Fishes of the Okavango [63]

Peixes Esportivos de Água Doce
*Peixes da costa do Brasil

Commercial Marine Fishes of Cambodia [170]

Canary Islands:
Peces de Canarias [5]

Chile: [132]
Principales Recursos Pesqueros y de Cultivo en Chile
*Chile Azul - Principales Recursos Pesqueros
*Principales Recursos Pesqueros y de Cultivo en Chile

Principales Recursos Pesqueros Columbia [5]

Threatened Freshwater Fish of Croatia [159]

Czech Republic:
Ryby Našich Vod
Ryby Našich Vod

*Danske ferskvandsfisk [97]
*Havfisk og Fiskeri
Danske Saltvandsfisk [5]
Høsts naturhistoriske Tavler V Ferskvandsfisk [5]

Commercial Fish of Egypt

Suomen Kalat [110]
*Suomen Järvi - Ja Jokikaloja [110]
*Itämeren Kaloja [110]

Poissons [164]

*Süsswasserfische I [94]
Süsswasserfische II [94]
*Meeresfische I [94]
Die Fische der Bayerischen Gewässer - 1 [107]
Die Fische der Bayerischen Gewässer - 2 [107]
*Die Rundmäuler, Süßwasser- und Wander-
   fischarten Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns
*Fische im Nationalpark Wattenmeer
*Fische und Meeresfrüchte [60]
*Süßwasserfische [60]
*Meeresfische 1 [60]
*Meeresfische 2 [60]
Prof. Dr. Raschkes Tafel einheimischer Seefische
Fliegenfischen [5]
Bildfarte rund um das Kurische - Haff

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region:
*Marine Fish of Hong Kong [80]
Marine Fish of Hong Kong [80]
*Common Coral Reef Food Fish [82]
*Common Freshwater Cultured Fish [82]
*Common Maricultured Food Fish [82]
*Common Marine Food Fish [82]

Islenzkir Fiskar [5]
Islenzkir Fiskar [125]

Commercial Fishes of India [174]

Jenis-jenis Ikan Air Tawar Ekonomis
   Penting di Indonesia

Iran: [124]
*Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Fishes
*Fishes of the Caspian Sea (Iranian Waters)

*Marine Fish and Shellfish of Ireland [38]
The sea around Galway Bay
Whitefish from Ireland
Oil-Rich and Cartilaginous Fish from Ireland

*Per Sapere Sempre che Pesci Prendere [111]
*Una Scelta Trasparente [111]
Pesci del mare
Pesci d'acqua dolce
   della provincia di Venezia

Pesci d'acqua dolce
Pesci di laguna
   della provincia di Venezia

Pesci della laguna
Pesci del Mediterraneo, ambiente sabbiosi
Pesci di mare
   della provincia di Venezia

Sushi (Kikkoman) [160]
Fish of Japan (?) [5]
Fish of Japan (?) [5]
Japanese Trout [5]
Live Healthy and Longer with Sea Foods [5]
An Atlas of the Early Stage Fishes in Japan [5]
The Fishes of the Japanese Archipelago [5]

*Fish and bottom fauna in the Kashmir Valley

*Save Madagascar's Fishes!

*Ikan-Ikan Air Tawar di Malaysia [20]
*Ikan-Ikan Laut Dagangan Malaysia [20]
*Ikan Dagangan Laut (Demersal) di Malaysia [20]
*Ikan Dagangan Laut (Pelagik) di Malaysia [20]
*Ikan Utama Yang Diternak Dalam Air Tawar di Malaysia [20]
Ikan-Ikan Ternakan Airtawar

*Common Fishes of Maldives 1
*Common Fishes of Maldives 2
*Common Fishes of Maldives 3

Mariana Islands:
Food Fishes of the Mariana Islands - I
Food Fishes of the Mariana Islands - II

Marshall Islands:
Ikon Mona Ko Ilo Aelon Kein

Mauritius: [87]
*Common Reef Fishes of Mauritius
*Commercial Fishes of Mauritius
*Quelques Poissons Toxiques de Lîle Maurice

Vis, Schaal- en Schelpdieren in Nederland verkrijgbaar [145]

New Caledonia: [90]
*Poissons des Eaux Douces
   de Nouvelle-Calédonie

*Poissons du Lagon de Nouvelle-Calédonie - I
*Poissons du Lagon de Nouvelle-Calédonie - II
*Poissons du Marche de Nouvelle-Calédonie
*Poissons Profonds de Nouvelle-Calédonie

New Zealand:
Popular Recreational Fish [152]
*New Zealand Commercial Fish Species [34]
New Zealand Seafood - A Healthy Future [34]
*New Zealand Fishes
*New Zealand Deepwater Fishes

Trawl Fishes of the Nigerian Continental Shelf (No. 1) [5]

*Norsk fisk i sjø- og ferskvann [143]
Havets Delikatesser Mare Norvegium [5]
Norske Fiskearter I Ferskvann [5]
Fisk og Skalldyr i farger
Eksportutvalget for fisk [5]

Palau: [93]
*Ngikel era Belau - I
*Ngikel era Belau - II

Principales Peces Comerciales
   del Mar del Peru

Philippines: [98]
*Common Tunas, Spanish Mackerels &
    Billfishes of the Philippines

*Common Small Pelagic Fishes
    of the Philippines

*Dominant Demersal Marine Fishes
    in the Philippines - I

*Dominant Demersal Marine Fishes
    in the Philippines - II

*Ryby Ba³tyckie [18]
    in situ

Proteger hoje para ter amanhã - I
Proteger hoje para ter amanhã - II
Proteger hoje para ter amanhã - III
Proteger hoje para ter amanhã - IV

Puerto Rico:
*Peces de Agua Dulce
   Nativos de Puerto Rico
Peces de mar abierto [5]
*El Manglar [54]

American Samoa:
Samoan Bottomfishes [5]

Saudi Arabia:
Commercial Fishes of Saudi Arabia

*Fish of Serbia [148]

South Africa:
*50 Years of Fish Research -
   JLB Smith Institute of Ichthyology
*Reef fishes of Southern Africa [63]
*Fishes of the Eastern Cape Province [63]
*Estuarine Fishes of Southern Africa [63]
*Fossils Alive! The Shallow Palaeozoic Seas of Western Gondwana [63]
*Tidal Pool Fishes of Southern Africa
*Commercial Line and Ski-boat Fishes of
   Southern Africa

*Freshwater Fishes of Southern Africa
*Shore Angling Fishes of Southern Africa
*Unusual Marine Fishes of Southern Africa
*Commercial Trawl Fishes of Southern Africa

Spain: [100]
*Especies de Interés Comercial I -
  Merlúcidos, Gádidos y Lofiiformes

*Especies de Interés Comercial II
*Especies de Interés Comercial III
*Especies de Interés Comercial IV
*Especies de Interés Comercial de
  las Aguas Continentales Españolas

*Especies de Interés Comercial Cultivadas
Especies de interés económico de las
    aguas continentales españolas

Especies de interés económico del
    litoral español - Vertebrados I

Especies de interés económico del
    litoral español - Vertebrados II

Sri Lanka (see also Reef Fish):
*Freshwater Fishes of Sri Lanka [5]

*Svensk Fisk [115]
*Fiskar I Algbältet [116]
*Wilhelm von Wright - Bohusläns Fiskar
*Fiskkarta [117]
Fiskar i Vänern
*Fiskar i Mörrumsån [118]
Sveriges Landskapsfiskar
*Fiskar vid Simpevarp
Svenska Fiskar (including anatomical diagram)
*58 Svenska Fiskar
Sötvattenslaboratoriet: [115]
    *Syd- och mellansvenska åar
*Fiskar I Sötvatten
*MAD Fiskar

Die Fische der Schweiz [137]

*Poissons de Tahiti et ses Îles

Local Knowledge on Fish of the Salween River along Thai-Burma border [176]
Fish Species in the Mekong River along Chiang Karn and Pakchom Districts - 1 [176]
Fish Species in the Mekong River along Chiang Karn and Pakchom Districts - 2 [176]
Fish Species in the Upper Yom River Basin [176]
Fish Species in the Mekong along Thai-Laos border [176]
Fish in the Mun River [176]
*Marine Fishes of Thailand
Marine Fishes of Thailand [172]
*Freshwater Fishes of Thailand
Freshwater Fishes of Thailand [172]

*Ika 'oku hu Atu Ki Tu'apule'anga mei Tonga [109]
Ika I Tonga

United Kingdom:
*Deep-water fish of the
   north-eastern Atlantic
*Guide to Sea Fish and Shellfish [50]
*Talking Fish [50]
Identifying Fish [5]
British freshwater fish
*Freshwater Fish
Sea Fish I
Sea Fish II
Ecce Redit Sporta Piscator Inani [150]

Deep-sea Commercial Fish Specie of Vanuatu [5]

*Common Marine Fishes of Vietnam - A [149]
*Common Marine Fishes of Vietnam - B [149]

Wallis & Futuna:
*Ika Loloto o Uvea mo Futuna [109]

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