Do You Know of Any Fish Posters Missing from This Collection?

One purpose of this web site is to help me find additional posters for my collection. Therefore I greatly appreciate learning of any fish posters not listed on this site, whether in your own possession, shown or mentioned on a web site, or available at some government agency, public aquarium gift shop, sporting goods store, or whatever.

To qualify as a 'fish poster' for the purposes of this collection:

  1. The poster must show at least 5 different species or varieties of fish.
  2. The types of the fish must be given, whether the common names or scientific names.
  3. At least one side of the poster must be 20 inches or more in length.

And if you have a poster that qualifies, but you don't want to part with it, consider sending me a photo and I will still be able to add it.

Posters whose title is preceded by "*" are ones which I have actual copies of.   Help in obtaining copies of any of the other posters would be greatly appreciated.

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