Where to Find Fish Posters

I don't sell fish posters, I collect them. However often people who stumble across this web site are interested in obtaining some of the posters that are shown here, so I include a few notes on where these posters can be found.

Those posters for which I provide additional information have a black, superscripted number following the name of the poster. If you click on that number, the corresponding note will show up in the right-hand frame (this frame).

These notes consist primarily of links to websites of publishers, on-line stores, fish and game departments, etc. In some cases it will be obvious where to find information on the poster; in other cases you may need to search the website a bit;  if necessary, you can search the website for a likely email address or phone number and get your information that way.

Please let me know of any errors in these notes.

Contact Information


Posters once distributed by Haifeng fish food company in San Jose, CA. Apparently no longer available.

Posters published by Van Keulen publishers in the Netherlands. Their web site lists distributors around the world.

Bleher's World of Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes poster series.  Can be ordered from Milan. At one time, available from Aqua Geographia on-line store.

Posters published by Aqualog publishers in Germany. These can be ordered from Aqualog's Germany website, or try: www.amazon.com/shops/aqualogusa/

I don't know how to find a copy of this poster; it may be out of print. If you know where I can find one of these, let me know. Contact Information

  Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Poster can be ordered from Leave Only Bubbles company, along with other marine life posters and educational materials.

Poster, along with ecosystem poster, can be ordered from Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary education department.

Artist: Maynard Reece.

Posters published by Nuova Arti Grafiche Ricordi S.r.l., Milano, Italy.  An American distributor is Vanilla, Saffron Imports, San Francisco.

Deluxe wallcharts published by Scandinavian Fishing Year Book, Denmark. These posters are featured at several sites:
Scandinavian Fishing Yearbook
Fishing News Books, UK
La Tene Maps, Ireland.
Urner Barry Publications, Inc.

Posters from Windsor Nature Discovery in Eugene, Oregon.
On-line ordering at chartingnature.com.
Also findaposter.com.

Australian Native Aquarium Fishes. 5 poster set from ANGFA - Australia New Guinea Fishes Association.

Posters from Department of Natural Resources and Environment Information Centre, Melbourne, Victoria. - apparently defunct.

Coloring posters from Rollerposters, Modjeska Canyon, California.  Each poster comes with an information sheet naming and describing the fish in the poster.

Posters from Animal Graphics in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Published by Wyoming Game and Fish Department .

Published by Wydawnictwo "MPR" Spólka z o.o. (Fish Industry Magazine Publishing House), Gdynia, Poland. Catalogue

Malaysia Department of Fisheries .

At one time availaible from the Malaysia Ministry of Agriculture, Publications Unit.

Published by Georgia Sea Grant. You may be able to purchase a copy from Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary, Education Resources.

Published by Rhode Island Sea Grant.  Artist: Lavie McDonald.

Laminated, placemat-sized posters from the Alaska Sea Grant Bookstore.

Posters can be ordered from Wisconsin Sea Grant.

Fish illustrations by Joseph R. Tomelleri.

Published by Oregon Sea Grant.

Fish illustrations by Duane Raver, Jr.

Published by Sea Grant Communications, University of New Hampshire.

Posters published by Cichlid Press.

Folded posters from Aqualog publishers in Germany. Each poster comes with one of Aqualog's 'Specials', or can be ordered separately.

These can be ordered from Aqualog's Germany website, or try: www.amazon.com/shops/aqualogusa/

Discus posters can be ordered from Curt Kafer, formerly of Diskus Brief magazine - USA.

Published by Fisheries and Oceans Canada.   Widely available from Fisheries and Ocean offices throughout Canada.

The 3 posters Pacific Canadian Fishes, Freshwater Canadian Fishes and Atlantic Canadian Fishes are no longer available from DFO.

  Associated Koi Clubs of America

Available from New Zealand Seafood Council online shop.

Published by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Occasionally auctioned on eBay (www.ebay.com).

Posters are available from N.C. WILD Store, under North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. The artist for the Mountain Fishes poster is Anne M. Runyon.

Published by AquaArt, Dublin, Ireland. Illustrations and design by Vincent Hyland - www.vincenthyland.com.   Posters also available from - La Tene Maps, Ireland.

Available from Einstein's Emporium online store.

The The South Australian Native Fish Association website has a nice online version of this poster.

© 1993, Dover Publications, NY.

Published by Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Fisheries Service, Education and Publications. Photos in the freshwater fish posters are by G. E. Schmida.

Published by Fisheries Information Service, New South Wales Fisheries.

This native fish poster is a joint production of Virginia Tech, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Office of Extension Education. Produced by Louis A. Helfrich; design by Creed Taylor, and photographs by Richard T. Bryant and Dr. Wayne C. Starnes.

You can purchase copies of the poster from Virginia Tech Extension & Outreach, Fisheries.

Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries.

Classic set of posters from the NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service.  Long out of print, new versions of the posters are now available - 30 x 48 inches, on water resistant paper.  These can be ordered onlined from bookstore.gpo.gov.

Published by Legacy, Inc. in Montgomery, Alabama.

Artist for Rhode Island fish posters: Roberta (Furgalack) Calore.
Posters may be obtained from the Aquatic Resource Education Program, RI Division of Fish and Wildlife. (West Kingston)

This salmon poster (artist: Dugald Stermer) is from Good Nature Publishing Company.

Posters from Seafish Industry Authority, "Serving the UK Fish Industry".

  Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory, Scottish Association for Marine Science.

Published by South Atlantic Fishery Management Council.

  Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, Education Program.

Puerto Rico Dept. of Natural & Environmental Resources, Aquatic Resources Education Program (website?).

  Atlantic Salmon Federation, Interpretive Centre.

Nice, smallish poster published and sold by Friends of the Mississippi.

Seafood poster is from the Queensland Seafood Industry Association.

Periodic Table of the fishes.  Artist: Lynette Cook.

Poster published by NOAA for year of the ocean, 1998. More information.

Deluxe German food posters from Teubner Edition.

Posters produced by the Education program, Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources.  Artist for "Sharks", "Pelagic Fishes" and "Bottom Fishes" posters: Les Hata.

Poster from the Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture Marketing, Florida Departement of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Posters © South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (formerly J.L.B. Smith Institute of Ichthyology). Many of these posters are out of print, but many are available from SAIAB Communications offices (Contact: saiaborders@ru.ac.za or SAIAB Orders, Private Bag 1015, Grahamstown, South Africa 6140;   phone: +27 46 603 5818 or fax: +27 46 622 2403).
Website: http://www.saiab.ac.za (click on "Catalogue").
Artists featured by these posters: Dave Voorvelt, Margaret M Smith, Elaine Heemstra, Elizabeth Tarr.

Produced by SADC/GEF, Lake Malawi/Nyasa Biodiversity Conservation Project. Artist: Dave Voorvelt.

© 1984, Great Outdoors Publishing Company, St. Petersburg. Art by Coe Kitten.

© 2000 by the artist, Dave Tourle.

Concept and design: Pietr Arend Folkens © 1988; illustration: Charlotte C. Carlisle; calligraphy: Rose Folsom.

Drawings by Robert C. Wilson © 1996. Wilson Productions, Astoria, Oregon.

All photos from Innerspace Visions, published and distributed by Portal Publications Ltd. Novato, California. Photos by Howard Hall, Doug Perrine, Richard Herrmann, Bob Cranston, Mark Strickland and Doc White.

Poster from Washington Department of Fish and Game. Illustration & Design by: Noel Design/Peacock Productions, Vashon Island, Washington.

Poster a product of F.I.S.H. Habitat Project, Noel Designs/Peacock Productions.

Product of Goose Lake Fishes Working Group; can be obtained from Fremont National Forest Headquarters, Lakeview, Oregon. Artist: Sophie Sheppard.

  Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters.

Illustrations by Curtis Atwater.

Fishes of Lake Moomaw: published by Virginia Tech, producer/designer Louis Helfrich.

Poster produced by Trout Unlimited.

Hawaii seafood poster originally published by Hawaii state Ocean Resources Branch, Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism, in 1993. May be available from University of Hawaii Press .

Published by Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institute, California. Artist: Tom Waters.

Series of aquarium posters from 'Aquapets' in Taiwan - these posters apparently no longer available.

Produced by Hong Kong Fish Marketing Organization.   Painting by TANG Ying-wei.

I got this poster at the Aquarium World Magazine / AZOO office in Taipei.

Produced by Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

Produced by Taiwan Fisheries Administration.

Fish of Penghu (formerly known as the Pescadores) - set of 36 posters produced by Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute.

  Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service.

A product of Yu-tsang nature store in Taiwan.

Albion Fisheries Research Centre, Mauritius Ministry of Fisheries.


© 1992, Dinosaur Nature Association.

Posters published originally by the French research organization ORSTOM (IRD).  At one time available from Editions Catherine LEDRU - Flora and Fauna of New Caledonia.

Posters can be ordered from Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Commonwealth of Virginia.

The saltwater poster can be purchased from Texas Department of Parks & Wildlife online shop.

Division of Marine Resources, Bureau of Natural Resources & Development, Palau.

© 1993 by PescArs GmbH, Berlin.

Fish paintings by Saskatchewan artist Tim Halstrom. Poster can be obtained from the Fish and Wildlife Branch of Saskatchewan Environment .

  Stralsund Museum and Aquarium.

  Aqua Freshwater Aquarium, Silkeborg, Denmark.

Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Philippines Department of Agriculture.

Published by Bede Verlag in Germany. Sold at aquaristik kaufhaus online shop.

Fondo de Regulación y Organizacíon del Mercado de los Productos de la Pesca y Cultivos Marinos, Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación, España.
Posters can be ordered from the Tienda Virtual de Publicaciones at La Ministra de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación.

  Planet Poster Editions (Germany).

Salmonids poster - artist Ea Eckerman. Commissioned by the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Foundation. Can be obtained from Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Education and Outreach (free for teachers).

  www.posternow.com .

  www.dugitup.com .

  Discus Mass discus breeders, Canary Islands.

  African Diving, LTD., cichlid exporters, Tanzania.

  Landesfischereiverband Bayern e.V.

  Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), Coastal Fishes Programme.  Artist, Les Hata.

Kalatalouden Keskusliitto, Helsinki.

Ministero delle Politiche Agricole e Forestali, Pesca e Acquacoltura.

Alaska Seafood Organization.


The famous FishBase Project - ICLARM - The World Fish Center, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines.


Tjärnö Marine Biological Laboratory

Svenska Naturskyddsföreningen

Mörrums Kronolaxfiske - Laxens Hus.

One of a series of posters of Tasmanian marine life currently being published. By Australian Maritime College, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Environment. For more information, contact D.Maynard AT fme.amc.edu.au.

ICLARM, the World Fish Center, Penang, Malaysia.

As of Nov. 2009, the set of 6 Florida posters is available from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

US Fish & Wildlife Service, Pacific Islands Region.

2-sided poster: Discus + Bettas.  © 1993, t.f.h. Publications Inc.

Thanks to Iranian Fisheries Research Organization.

A small version of this poster can be ordered from Arctic Fisheries Co.

Koi store - KOITEICH, Mandelbachtal, Saarland, Germany.

McGraw-Hill Children's Publishing

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Shop.

Copyright 1987 Underwater World Enterprises, Inglewood, CA.

Wisconsin Aquaculture Association. Artist Virgil Beck.

Kawartha Fisheries Association.    Illustrations by Charles Weiss.

Subsecretaria de Pesca, Chile.

From Facultad de Ciencias Marinas, Universidad de Colima; by Juan Carlos Chávez-Comparan, Pedro Leonel Vargas Mejia, Gustavo D. Arguello Berber, Víctor Castro Cabello.

  Betta Labs in Tennessee.

Published by Paleo-Arts Publications.  Drawings by Gerald Mullins.  © 1992.

  National Coalition for Marine Conservation.

From WWF Switzerland .  Photographs by Michel Roggo .

Published by Max Maps,Queensland, Australia.

  Reef Teach , Cairns, Australia.

Designer and Artist Les Gallagher, www.fishpics.info.

From Seafood Services Australia.

Published by Fish Magazine of Taipei.

Published by www.akvariet.com, Bergen.

Published by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism.

Can be ordered from Nederlands Visbureau.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Published by Steven Lewers & Associates, Wilton, NH.  Posters are 19" X 27" overall size and include 82 species.  Illustrations by Diane Peebles, well-known artist from St. Petersburg, Florida.

Published by the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, Belgrade.  Author: Nenad Sekulić; Design: Dejan Brajović; Illustrations by Keith Linsell.

Published by the Ministry of Fisheries, Vietnam.

Date unknown.  From the poster: Tull Graphic Ltd. 84 Teesdale St. London E2 - Printed in England

From Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources.  Artist Rick Hill.

From New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries.

From the University of Washington School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences.


For sale at Port Culinaire.

Refer to Magna Quies - Editora Científica.

Published by Feenixx Publishing, Inc, Petersburg, Virginia.

Published by Quinte Conservation Authority, Belleville, Ontario.
Fish illustrations by Charles Weiss.

Published by the Croatian State Institute for Nature Protection (.pdf image available).

Can be purchased from sushilinks.com.

Available from the Centre for Marine Biodiversity at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. High resolution .pdf image available.

McCormick, J and R. Joyce. 2003. New Jersey’s Strange and Ugly Fish Poster. Coast Day NJ 2003 Commemorative Poster NJSG-03-535 From New Jersey Seagrant. High resolution .pdf image available.

Texas and Alabama fish posters from Port Publishing Company. Higher resolution copies are available on their website.

Sold by findaposter.com.

Published by New York Seagrant.

Published by The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Multi-Agency Education Project, For Teachers, Navigating Change.

Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge, Oklahoma.

Published by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, Ontario, Canada.

Wallposters from Korck Publishing, Knysna,South Africa.

See UNEP/GEF South China Sea Project, Thailand.

Poster by David Welker, artist, New York City. See Prints for Sale.

From a set - Freshwater Fish, Marine Fish and Aquatic Animals - and were produced by the Department of Fisheries at Kasetsart University, Jatujak Campus, Bangkok (http://www.fish.ku.ac.th/fisheries%20eng01.html) and Thai-Danish Foundation for Phuket Marine Biological Center - PO Box 60 Phuket, 83000, Thailand.

From Hunting and Fishing Videos and Books.

One possible distributor is The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA), in India.

Go to The Friends of Kickapoo Creek website.

See Living River Siam - publications.

From Georgia Department of Natural Resources.
Training C.